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Frequently Asked Questions...

How do I book Captain's Tasty Treats for a party?
For birthday parties, you select the time that works best and you expect all of your guests to have arrived. We will roll in with the music playing and park where it's most convenient. Your guests will select their ice cream and we will keep a running total. It usually takes 15 minutes or less to serve a party of 50. Then we will collect payment for the ice cream before leaving. 
Pretty simple but gives the WOW factor; especially for guests that have never seen an ice cream truck.  Availability is based on location.


How much do you charge for a party?
Captain's Tasty Treats has a birthday package that serves 25 guest in 

15-20 minutes for $100.  This FLAT RATE will make it easier to 

know what to expect.  *Cheesecake slices are not included

in the package price.

Availability is based on location.  


How much does the ice cream cost? 
We have ice creams from $1.50 - $5. Most popular items are $3:

sandwiches, cones, character faces, bombpops.

To see our ice cream selection, click the ICE CREAM tab above.
To see pictures of other events, click on the PHOTO GALLERY

tab above or find our page on


Will you come to a business to treat the employees?

Captain's Tasty Treats loves corporate visits!  During the week is easy for us to accommodate; select a time that will be flexible for your employees.  Small corporations can book the birthday package listed above.  We have several ideas for treating large companies, just give us a call.   If you would like to set up a routine/weekly visit, there will not be a minimum.

Can you visit our school, VBS or daycare?

YES!!  School groups, PBIS recognition, honor roll celebrations, school fair, etc.    

When considering having the ice cream truck visit, please contact us with as much information as possible.  

  • We need the date and time of your event.  

  • Who will be paying for the ice cream: students pay for themselves or is the school paying.  

  • How many students do you expect to attend?  

We can book in advance, it is better to plan ahead to secure the date.  

Budget friendly for large groups?

Absolutely! We can customize the menu to fit your budget. Our menu items are on magnets.. easy on / easy off

Visits can be planned during the week (Monday-Thursday) for day or night. 

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