Our Story


           I am Benny Guillot, and my wife Sandy, are owners of Captain's Tasty Treats, LLC. We started our business in 2011 because there were no ice cream trucks in our area. The idea came up while sitting by the pool talking abour things our kids looked forward to and talks of the past. We remember how excited they became when an ice cream truck appered in our neighborhood for the first time. What a treat that was. Then we said, how much fun that would be to bring smiles to kids and parents every week. Good family fun. Seeing parents dancing with their kids as the truck approaches, puts a smile on our faces. The many thanks and request make it all worth while. Currently we have two trucks, a cart, and a concession stand servicing the Hammond, Ponchatoula area. We are considering adding more trucks in other areas due to request from near by neighberhoods.


             My wife and I work full time with Captain's Tasty Treats, LLC. People ask why we work so much and the response I always give is how much we enjoy the fun and smiles that we experience each week. On rainy days, the trucks remain parked and the phone begins to ring, "where is the ice cream truck??" Our customers do miss us when the truck does not roll. With that being said, we hope to grow our business and continue to bring smiles and memories to the families across our area. Thanks to our Family, Friends and Customers for all the support.



Benny  &  Sandy Guillot

Captain's Tasty Treats, LLC

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